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DNSWorld Discord Online Chat

Post by serenalinh on Sun Nov 01, 2015 1:03 pm

Welcome To DNSWorld Voice Chat Discord:

Hi guys, i've been received alot of PM from members and players about having trouble of google "DNSWorld Discord" or "DNS Discord" when they're at work or at school, we understand because it also happen to us, so we've decided to create this simple DNSWorld Forum for you even we've already posted it on reddit, hopefully it'll be easier for guys. click below link to join our Free Chat DNSWorld Discord Server!

Click To Enter DNSWorld Free Voice Chat Discord

So What is Discord?  
Discord is an all in one text and voice communication free application that is like a mesh between Skype    
and Teamspeak/Mumble, created to be the best of both and is available for free.    
It has both a website version and an application version available    
(Windows & Mac, Linux soon) Now also has mobile versions available. We now have more then 30 players in our DNSWorld server, so you're welcome to join us if you're also want to make new friends but besure to be kind =)  

What's the benefits?  
With this free online chat server, Discord uses very little to no memory and cpu resources compared to other programs such as skype or teamspeak    
It's main purpose is a voice and text chat program with gamers in mind.    
Imagine, a lightweight voice service more than capable of mimicking the quality of the best paid programs,    
but for *free* - Combining the idea of slack with that of mumble and teamspeak to create a high quality    
gaming oriented free chat service!    

Download link  
Or use the website version, it works pretty damn well.


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