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Who and What is DNSWorld?

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Who and What is DNSWorld?

Post by serenalinh on Sun Nov 01, 2015 1:05 pm

DNSWorld is Guild from Dragon Nest and a Clan from Counter Strike that created by SerenaLinh (Ingame Name: DNSQueenie) as well as Fan of  Anime/Manga & Final Fantasy.

Although it's our guild's server, we want to open it up to other gamers or online players to grow a healthier community and make more friends, even we might be in different guild or play different games or even have different hobbies, but i believe it doesn't mean we can't be friend, we're currently have more then 40+ players there, so you're welcome to join us if you're also want to make friend with us and ofcause you can also invite your friends to voice chat there but don't forget to be kind Smile

DNS = Dark ANgel Serena



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